The Model Rick Martel’s WWWF Tag Team Championship Belt


The Model Rick Martel’s WWWF Tag Team Championship Belt


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The Model Rick Martel’s WWWF Tag Team Championship Belt


  • WWWF Tag Team Championship Belt is handcrafted by Select to get skilled craftsman using finest quality materials.
  • WWWF Tag Team Championship Belt main plates are made in 6 mm thick brass and Up all dule 8 mm thickness eagle clear engraving, plates are polished, Nickel, perfectly curved.
  • 3.5 mm thick strap is made in veg-tanned top grain soft leather with excellent hand tooling. It’s not machine tooled ugly simulated strap.
  • Leather backing (No foam padding).

Product Details


  • Plates Material: Main Plate 6 mm thick in Brass, Up 6 mm eagle engraving in brass.
  • Strap Material: 3.5 mm top grain leather
  • Weight: 6 to 6.5 KG approx.

Select to get manufacturer of all kinds of championship belts.
We also make belts in 2mm / 4mm brass/zinc with deep etching and original gold or Nickel plating.
Select to get do customized belts work too. (Custom logo design etc.)



  • Check out the feedback section to see the outstanding comments which We are regularly getting for belts from our satisfied customers.
  • We don’t make cheap, fake belts like others selling in the market.
  • If customer not satisfied with our Product with any reason. He can return free of cost and get the full refund.

Additional Information

All items are shipped in wooden case or gift parcel or low value, and if customs of any country apply any charges, duties, or taxes, (which will be not much) buyer will have to pay those charges to get their parcels.


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We only ship to PayPal confirmed addresses. In order to avoid delays please ensure before purchasing that you have confirmed address on your account with PayPal. We don’t take any responsibility of any damage by the Custom officials or courier service while item is in transit. We do offer shipping worldwide. We ship the goods from our manufacturing unit in Pakistan.
We ship belts mostly from our manufacturing facility based UAE or Pakistan.


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